Not all governors or state legislatures wish to connect the governor's school program to the governor. While the reasons for such decisions are largely political, the defining characteristic of being endorsed and supported by the state or commonwealth remains consistent from program to program, regardless of name.


As a result, New York's program is called the New York State Summer School for the Arts (NYSSSA) and Missouri's programs are called the Missouri Scholars Academy (MSA).

In addition, some legislatures, governors, and/or education departments prefer the program not be called a school. As a result, Kentucky's liberal arts program is called the Governor's Scholars Program (GSP) and Vermont's program is called the Governor's Institutes of Vermont (GIV).

Finally, some programs are administered by non-governmental or quasi-governmental entities. For example, the Kentucky arts program is called The Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts (GSA) because it is housed within the partially state-funded Kentucky Center.