The National Conference of Governor's Schools, Inc. is devoted exclusively to educational, research, and charitable purposes that promote, aid, and advance education, particularly as related to governor's schools.


The purpose of the NCoGS is:

  • To provide a vehicle to exchange, develop and share educational, instructional, cultural and enrichment resources, ideas, information, curricula and material of all kinds, of and with participating members and interested others, which may include but not be limited to students and those associated with gifted or leadership education, with the goal of strengthening programs of excellence at existing Governor's Schools and of sharing their non-traditional approaches with public and private schools, associations and institutions of higher education.
  • To promote, encourage, assist, counsel, and stimulate new Governor's Schools and those in the planning stages, both in the United States and abroad, with a goal of establishing Governor's Schools in all 50 states.
  • To foster recognition of Governor's Schools as an exciting innovation in education with benefits to the greater society, as well as to individuals, and to cultivate awareness and interest of the citizenry and of political, educational and media leaders in the unique role of the Governor's Schools in advancing quality education and preparing talented students for future leadership in a variety of fields.
  • To encourage, stimulate and inspire Governor's Schools to nurture ethical, personal, social, and civic responsibility in students, faculty, and alumni.
  • To stimulate, promote and engage in training, research, and technical assistance either directly or contractually, and to prepare and distribute publications and audio-visual materials of all kinds either directly or contractually. The corporation may conduct and finance studies and research in any and all fields, including the arts, sciences, and education in keeping with the purposes and objectives of theNational Conference of Governor's Schools .
  • To work with, advise, and assist other associations with similar or related interests in promoting mutual concerns and developing programs and materials.