There are two categories of membership: Organization and Individual. Organizational memberships are conferred free of charge to any program that qualifies, according to our bylaws, as a governor's school. Individual memberships are conferred to paying applicants who fulfill the requirements of membership set forward in the bylaws.

Organizational Members

Organizations are automatically granted membership in the National Conference of Governor's Schools if they meet the definition of a governor's school: "Governor's School is defined as a residential, state-affiliated, seasonal enrichment program of at least one week in length, sponsored or sanctioned by the governor of the state or commonwealth as a 'governor's school,' usually with the word 'governor' in the title, and designed for selected students with special academic, creative, artistic, and/or leadership talents."

Schools that meet these criteria are considered member organizations; paid membership is conferred upon individuals, not organizations. Organizational membership grants programs a listing on this Web site and recognition by the organization as a governor's school. There is no charge for organizational membership.

Individual Members

Membership in the National Conference of Governor's Schools is open to all those actively engaged in operation of governor's schools and those in related areas with an interest in advancing the purposes of such schools. There are three types of members: Active Members, Associate Members, and Honorary Members.

Active Members: Those currently in good standing with NCoGS and actively engaged in the operation and development of existing Governors' Schools, as defined in Article II of these Bylaws and those currently involved in setting policy for such schools may be active members. These shall include directors, administrators, faculty and staff of the Governors' Schools, Board and Advisory Board members where such Board members are directly involved in policy decisions for the schools and the overall chief administrator of the state's Governor's School or Schools.

Associate Members: All those interested in advancing the purposes of the Governors' Schools who do not qualify for active membership may be associate members if currently in good standing with NCoGS.

Honorary Members: Members of the National Conference may award honorary membership to individuals by a majority vote of approval by the Board. Such an award must be based on exceptional service to Governors' Schools. Recipients of The Jim Bray and Lillian Press Distinguished Service Award are automatically awarded lifetime honorary membership.