Despite having been completed eliminated at one time, Tennessee now provides 12 summer Governor’s School programs for gifted and talented high school students. These programs provide challenging and intensive learning experiences in the following disciplines: Arts, Humanities, International Studies, Engineering, Science, Prospective Teachers, Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, Information Technology Leadership and Agricultural Science.

Tennessee Governor’s School for the Agricultural Sciences

The Tennessee Governor’s School for the Agricultural Sciences is the third of its kind in the United States, with others at founded at Penn State University (now eliminated) and Virginia Polytechnic and State University. The TGSAS experience provides a broad overview of the diverse fields of agriculture and natural resources.

Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts

The Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts is a four-week residency summer program for high school students gifted in music, visual art, theatre, dance, and filmmaking, Governor Lamar Alexander founded the School for the Arts in 1984, assembling a team of professionals to develop a program for Tennessee that would rival the best summer arts schools in the nation.

  • Host: Middle Tennessee State University
  • Focus: Arts
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Website:

Tennessee Governor’s School for Computational Physics

The curriculum for the Governor's School in Computational Physics at APSU consists of two courses, with each participant earning a total of six hours of college-level credit. The students will take several field trips to computational research centers, such as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory's National Center for Computational Sciences and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

Tennessee Governor’s School for Emerging Technologies

The Governor’s School for Emerging Technologies is designed to stimulate interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics through study of current topics in biotechnology, nanotechnology, information technology, and other emerging technologies. The school capitalizes on partnerships with a unique array of high technology research and development organizations located across the State of Tennessee to provide students with the opportunity to learn from leading researchers and experience cutting-edge research facilities through weekly field trips.

  • Host: Tennessee Tech University
  • Focus: STEM
  • Length: 3 weeks
  • Website:

Tennessee Governor’s Schools for the Sciences & Engineering

The Governor’s School for the Sciences (GSS), has been held at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, since its inception in 1985.   The Governor’s School for Engineering began as the Governor’s School for Manufacturing Engineering in 1996. The two programs were merged under a single director in 2007. n the Governor’s School for the Sciences, all students take a core course, The Logic of Science, which teaches the essential deductive and inductive logic skills used by practicing scientists. In addition, students develop better writing skills and learn how to communicate effectively using the World Wide Web. The second course is an elective chosen from biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics. The Governor’s School for Engineering focuses on biomedical engineering.  Students learn fundamental engineering design and computer skills in a morning course and are introduced to principles of biomedical engineering in an afternoon session.

  • Host: The University of Tennessee at Knoxville
  • Focus: STEM
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Website:

Tennessee Governor’s School for the Humanities

A four-week summer program built on the program’s rich tradition as Tennessee’s first Governor’s School, this program offers rising high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to earn six semester credit hours from UT Martin. GSH celebrates the expression of who we are, what we believe and the power of ideas in creating shared communities.

Tennessee Governor’s School for Information Technology Leadership

The Tennessee Technological University Governor’s School for Information Technology Leadership is a four-week summer residence program that is designed to provide you with opportunities to develop your skills in IT and business leadership. The program allows you to fully explore your interest in various aspects of IT by letting you choose your own electives in addition to your core classes. The program also provides a way for students to give back to their communities and includes fun activities each evening and weekend.

  • Host: Tennessee Technological University
  • Focus: Information technology, leadership
  • Length: 4 weeks
  • Website:

Tennessee Governor’s School for International Studies

The Governor's School for International Studies (GSIS) provides a four week immersion into the world around us, including global cultures, languages and perspectives. Moreover, the program provides a rigorous introduction to the field of International Studies, including six credit hours of college coursework.

Tennessee Governor’s School for Prospective Teachers

Governor's School for Prospective Teachers (GSPT) has a unique responsibility: to encourage the region's brightest students to become professional educators. GSPT is a five-week summer program for rising eleventh and twelfth grade students funded by the Tennessee State Department of Education. The program provides an overview of the myths and realities of the profession; an examination of effective teaching strategies, resources, and computer and other technological applications; observations and critiques of teaching performances; analyses of exemplary teaching; an introspective view of learning and teaching styles and opportunities for GSPT students to participate in peer teaching activities.

Tennessee Governor’s School for the Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage

The Governor’s School for Tennessee Heritage began in 1984 as an initiative of the Tennessee Department of Education for talented and gifted high-school juniors and seniors. In 2005, this school was reshaped to emphasize the scientific aspects of Tennessee heritage and to include two college-credit courses. The name was appropriately changed to the Governor’s School for Scientific Exploration of Tennessee Heritage, and content was designed to provide unique field experiences, hands-on activities, and challenging academic opportunities that are not available in the standard high-school or undergraduate curricula.

Tennessee Governor’s School for Scientific Models and Data Analysis

The overarching goal of the Governor’s School is to broaden the student’s appreciation and knowledge of biology and mathematics through exposure to and integration of a wide range of contemporary biological and mathematical topics. In each case, model building and data analysis will play a critical role and will be interwoven in a statistical and biological context. Students will be engaged in the scientific method via hands-on research experiences.