The status of Texas Governor’s Schools is somewhat unclear. Lamar University hosts an active program. Texas A&M University is awaiting word on funding. The program at Midweastern State University appears to be dormant, and the program at University of North Texas has been suspended for 2013 for lack of funding.

Texas Governor’s School at Lamar University

The Texas Governor's School at Lamar University will focus on leadership in the Humanities, Language Arts, Mathematics, Fine Arts, and Science. Opportunities will be provided for students to address problems and issues in advanced content with problem-based strategies. Students will be introduced to a range of topics in classes which are not for credit; however, participating students will learn how to become more motivated and persistent in activities with students of similar interests and ability.

Texas Governor’s School at Texas A&M University

Awaiting funding for 2013. During the three-week Governor's School, students will take college-level courses in arts, visual culture, humanities, ethics, urban issues, and leadership. Students and faculty will visit museums, participate in arts events, create media and technology projects in small groups, learn about college admissions and university programs, participate in recreational activities, work with prominent professors and researchers on the Texas A&M faculty, and build a community of future leaders for urban environments who have a sensitivity and commitment to the arts and humanities.

Texas Governor’s School at University of North Texas

Furloughed for 2013. The Texas Governor's School is a free (except for transportation to and from, and personal expenses) three week intensive summer educational program, open to all qualified resident Texas students who have completed 10th grade, regardless of race, ethnicity, income or background, from all across the state of Texas. This program will focus on enriching and developing a student's abilities in science and technology as well as exploring the impacts of these fields on past, present, and future societies including ethics, history, and the arts.

  • Host: University of North Texas
  • Focus: Science, technology
  • Length: 3 weeks
  • Website: