The Governor’s Institutes of Vermont creates prestigious, fun, accelerated learning residencies on college campuses for highly-motivated Vermont teenagers. There are Governor’s Institutes focused on Arts, Engineering, Information Technology, Environmental Science and Technology, Mathematics, Asian Cultures, and Current Issues and Youth Activism – plus in 2013, a Special Interdisciplinary Institute on Farms, Food and Your Future!  Any Vermont student can ask his/her school guidance counselor for referral to a Governor’s Institute for an unforgettable experience of extreme learning and extreme fun. Visit for information.

Governor’s Institute on the Arts

Sing, dance, sculpt, draw, write, act, weave, carve, compose!  The Governor’s Institute on the Arts overflows with creativity, collaboration with professional artists, and experiencing the world in new and inspiring ways.  If you love drama, visual art, music, writing, or crafts, come to GIA and become part of a passionate learning community of artists just like you!

  • Host: Castleton State College
  • Focus: Arts
  • Length: 2 weeks
  • Website:

Governor’s Institute on Asian Cultures

East meets west in this immersion week featuring all things Asian. You’ll experience Asian history, arts, food, social customs, languages, and cultures in an intensive academic program designed to prepare qualifying students to visit China the following year. Focused primarily on Chinese and Japanese cultures, this six-day residential intensive on the University of Vermont campus kicks off a full year of supported independent and group learning.

Governor’s Institute on Current Issues and Youth Activism

You’ll be empowered and inspired in this twelve-day program focused on all the big issues affecting people in Vermont and around the world in 2013. From critical issues impacting Vermont towns, to pressing U.S. national political and social issues, to exciting and complex global issues, we’ll cover it all!

Governor’s Institute on Engineering

The technologies of tomorrow start at this Institute where approximately 100 high school students from Vermont, the US, and around the world explore engineering solutions to societal problems. At GIE, you’ll get up close and personal with cutting-edge sustainable engineering challenges, working with peers and professional experts to design and build solutions that work.

Governor’s Institute on Information Technology

The Governor’s Institute on Information Technology is eight days jam-packed with all things IT. You’ll access state-of-the-art equipment, the hardware and software of your dreams, and professionals at the forefront of their fields. Electronic game design, cybersecurity, coding, digital video, Photoshop, web entrepreneurship, object-oriented programming, and more are on the menu. New for 2013, you’ll be able to choose from tracks in game design, coding and cybersecurity, or “advanced webistry” (interactive web design and entrepreneurship) to focus on in depth.

Governor’s Institute on Mathematical Sciences

Surround yourself with math-lovers like you at this weeklong festival of mathematics! Theoretical and real-world applications of math will have you dazzled as you enjoy advanced lectures by renowned mathematicians and scientists. We’ll use our hands and brains to take on world-class mathematical challenges, and explore careers for people who like math.

Governor’s Institute on Environmental Science and Technology

Investigate human impact on Vermont’s environment in this weeklong “environmental CSI.”  You’re the specialist collecting, analyzing, and interpreting environmental data from local communities using professional-grade laboratory and field instrumentation.  What’s in our air, water, and soil and what are the potential impacts for public health and our environment?

  • Host: University of Vermont
  • Focus: Environment, science, technology
  • Length: 7 days
  • Website:

Governor’s Institute on Interdisciplinary Studies: Farma, Food and Your Future

A first-ever GIV Special Topics Institute that explores the science, economics, policy, sociology and downright yumminess of everything we eat.  Come learn from scholars and professionals in the agricultural, culinary, scientific, business and activism fields during this brand-new residential Institute at Vermont Technical College in summer 2013.

  • Host: Vermont Technical College
  • Length: 7 days
  • Focus: Agriculture, agribusiness, food services
  • Website: